Our first Wedding

Our first Wedding

When Ben and Maria first contacted us, they were a little unsure of what they wanted for their wedding cake, but having tasted Tillys at Oulten park, they knew they wanted our fudge! 

We talked about various ideas, and we liked the idea of people being able to take home a selection of fudge flavours with them. With a little research of 'alternative' wedding cakes, we found the perfect design. The original we based on was a cake pop cake. 

Ben and Maria having tried our fudge before so were keen to have a fair few flavours. We decided to alternate each row to a different flavour with 6 in total. Each fudge ball was individually made, dipped in chocolate and decorated then arranged in tiers. On the top of the cake we added sugar flowers, roses to match the wedding in burgundy and blue. To lay next to the cake was also a guide for the flavours.

The final touch was the personalised boxes featuring a special design used throughout the wedding. We allowed for each guest to take home 3 pieces minimum, so each box could fit this. However there were plenty of fudge balls to spare for eager guests to try straight away!

We'd like to not only Congratulate Maria and Ben but thank them, for allowing us to create our first wedding cake which we are excited to be adding to our portfolio of bespoke fudge designs. We welcome any special requests and are open to trying all types of unique creations for any type of event, please get in contact with your ideas. 

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